IRB processing

IRB's are processed in Disbursements for the following campus services:


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Account Code
Contracted Food Services (Jimmy Johns, Shields Pizza Detroit, DeLite Cafe', Jets Pizza Midtown) Account Code 721YD
Dining Services /Catering (Panda Express, Taco Bell, Wing Stop, Starbucks, Bene Pizza, Grille Works, McGregor, Subway, Freshii, Dunkin Donuts,  Einstein Bros., Scott Hall Cafeteria) Account Code 721Y31
Motor Pool Services (State Vehicle Leases) Account Code 772
OneCard Account Code 721YZ
Parking (Parking Validations Only) Account Code 721YZ
Postage (Metered and Permit Mail)

Account Code 7215


The Policies related to IRB Processing can be found in APPM 1.4 - Internal Billing

For more information on IRB Services, go to:  IRB Processing

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