Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

Procurement is responsible for the purchase of all goods and services to support academic and research programs, as well as construction and renovation projects on main campus and at our extension sites.  This includes the purcase or acquisitoin of scientific equipment, chemicals, furnishings, computer equipment and supplies, and a multitude of maintenance, operating, and repair items.  In addition, Procurement is responsible for the purchase of a wide range of contracted services from individuals and corporations.

As a public institution, Procurement follow the policies established by our Board of Governors in day-to-day operations.  All purchasing activities must pass numerous audits and reviews.  Purchases in excess of $25,000 must be competitively bid in accordance with the Board policy concerning Contract Awards.  Purchases under this amount are processed on a competitive basis either by a formal request for proposal or a more informal requests for quotation. 

Wherever possible, the University works to combine spend for commonly used items or services to preferred supplier agreements, in an effort to leverage the University's spend. 

For a complete list of services and related policies, go to Procurement & Strategic Sourcing.  

Kenneth Doherty

Kenneth Doherty
Associate Vice President


Leiann Day
Miriam Dixon
Associate Director

Aleviyah Coles
Aleviyah Cole
Procurement Manager